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Adding stickers

Akkoma-FE supports stickers, which are essentially little images stored server-side which can be selected by a user to automatically attach them to a post.

There's no explicit setting for these, they just rely on the existence of certain files.

Initialising the sticker config file

You're probably serving Akkoma-FE from your instance's instance/static/ directory - this directy can also override files served at a given path.

The first thing we need to do is set up our stickers.json file. At instance/static/static/stickers.json, put a file that looks like this

  "myPack": "/static/stickers/myPack"

This file is a mapping from name to pack directory location. It says "we have a pack called myPack, look for it at /static/stickers/myPack". You can add as many packs as you like in this manner.

Creating the pack

First, create your pack directory

mkdir -p instance/static/static/stickers/myPack

Now you need to give it some config.

At instance/static/static/stickers/myPack/pack.json, put a file that looks like:

    "title": "myPack",
    "author": "me for i am very cool",
    "tabIcon": "tab.png",
    "stickers": [

This should be relatively self-explanatory, it declares a pack with a title myPack which has only one sticker in it. The tabIcon will appear on the sticker picker itself as a representative of the pack.

You can add as many stickers as you like. They should all be in the same directory as your pack.json.

Now you should find that there's a sticky note icon on the emoji picker on Akkoma-FE that allows you to attach stickers.